Our Process

Scope of Services During the Construction Phase

  • The Architect shall prepare a Project construction schedule providing for each scope of Work, including phasing of construction, times for commencement and completion required of each separate Contractor, ordering and delivery of materials requiring long-lead time and the occupancy requirements of the Owner.
  • The Architect shall provide the Project construction schedule for each set of Contract Documents.
  • The Architect shall provide administrative, management and related services to endeavor to coordinate the activities of the Contractors with each other and with those of the Owner and the Architect to complete the Project in accordance with the latest approved estimate of Construction Cost, the Project construction schedule and the Contract Documents.
  • The Architect shall schedule and conduct pre-construction, construction and progress meetings with the Owner and the Contractors to discuss such matters as procedures, progress and scheduling.
  • Utilizing the Construction Schedules provided by the Contractors, the Architect shall update the Project construction schedule incorporating the activities of the Contractors on the Project, including activity sequences and durations, allocation of labor and materials, processing of Shop Drawings, Product Data and Samples, and delivery of products requiring long-lead time and procurement. The Project construction schedule shall include the Owner’s occupancy requirements showing portions of the Project having occupancy priority. The Architect shall update and reissue the Project construction schedule as required to show current conditions. If an update indicates the previously approved Project construction schedule may not be met, the Architect shall recommend corrective action to the Owner.
  • Consistent with the Bidding Documents, and utilizing information from the Contractors, the Architect shall endeavor to coordinate the sequence of construction and assignment of space in areas where multiple Contractors are performing Work.
  • The Architect shall monitor the approved estimate of Construction Cost. The Architect shall show actual costs for activities in progress and estimates for uncompleted tasks.
  • The Architect shall develop cash flow reports and forecasts for the Project and advise the Owner as to variances between actual and budgeted or estimated costs.
  • The Architect shall maintain cost accounting records on authorized Work performed under unit costs, additional Work performed on the basis of actual costs of labor and materials, or other Work requiring accounting records.
  • The Architect shall record the progress of the Project with written progress reports to the Owner including information of each Contractor’s Work, as well as the entire Project, showing percentages of completion.
  • The Architect shall maintain at the Project site, on a current basis: one record copy of all Contracts, Drawings, Specifications, addenda, Change Orders and other Modifications, in good order and marked to record all changes made during construction; Shop Drawings, Product Data, Samples, submittals, purchases, other related documents and revisions that arise out of the Contracts of Work. The Architect shall maintain records, in duplicate of principal building layout lines, elevations of the bottom of footings, floor levels, and key site elevations certified by a qualified surveyor or professional engineer. The Architect shall make all such records available to the owner and, upon completion of the Project, shall deliver them to the Owner.


  • The Owner reserves the right to perform Work related to the Project with the Owner’s own forces, and to award contracts in connection with the Project that are not part of the Architect’s responsibilities under the Amendment. The Architect shall notify the Owner if any such independent action will in any way interfere with the Architect’s ability to perform under the Amendment.
  • The Owner shall furnish the required information and services and shall render approvals and decisions expeditiously for the orderly progress of the Architect’s services.