Our Process

Most successful companies, at one time or other experience growing pains. This is a time the Principals of such companies go through the crash course method of "Building or Expanding a New Facility". Everyone agrees that the learning curve reaches a higher platue the more practice one has over the specific subject. Unfortunately, most Owners/ Principals have spent a great portion of their careers practicing the art of their specific business. If your business is experiencing such growing pains, please take a little of your valuable time to read the following below. The method you wish to choose will affect the expectation of each individual. Understanding the difference of each method will assure you a certain amount of satisfaction in understanding how your monies will be spent.

The Design / Build Process:

The Design-Build process, when executed correctly is one that greatly benefits both the Owner and the Builder. Having been involved in many Design/Build projects, we know first hand that the final project will only be as good as the team. Many so-called Design Builders are not what they portray, for this reason, changes have been implemented by the Office of Professional Regulations. Fact is, the Owner is the entity that provides for all parties, and unfortunately, many a time remains the least protected.

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